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Native American Culture

The Native Americans are arguably one of the most cultural societies in the world. The richness in their traditions has been significant in shaping modern America. The story of Native Americans is that of struggle, resilience and victory one that has been perfectly embodied by the culture which dates back to the early days. The symbols of Native American culture have been interpreted by many cultural scientists. To begin with, it is important to note that Native Americans inhabited America in New Mexico for so long thousand and thousands of years back even before Christopher Columbus conquered the Bahamas. Although the current American society is largely cosmopolitan, there is a good population of Native Americans in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. While looking at the culture of the Native Americans, it is advisable to look at in the perspective of Native American religion, beliefs, customs, traditions, dances, ceremonies, rituals and festivals.

In the Stone Age period the culture of the Native Americans was actually nomadic but also there have been suggestions that it was also semi-nomadic. Unlike many other traditional societies in the world, the cultural practice of the red Indians remained the same regardless of the Cultural Revolution during the bronze and Iron Age. When it comes to religion, the religious believes of the natives were based on the concept of Animism. The belief system was shared by all the twenty two tribes of Indian decent which occupied North America in the early centuries. In this religious believe the Native Americans believed that each object in the world had a spirit and it was a special part of the universe we live in.

In this pursuit, many of the religious aspiration of the Native Americans were hinged on sprits and spirituality and in fact, any world phenomenon according to them was a result of powerful sprits. They believed in a supernatural spirit which they thought controlled the world. The Great Spirit is believed by many Native Americans to be supreme and the creator of life, a divine power that created the world. The religion was embodied and delivered by cultural and religious festivals, customs and traditions as well as iconic religious leaders guiding the spiritual part of the community. The tradition of festivals and ceremonies included both chanting and singing which accompanied various types of dances.

Some of the common and well developed dances included the Hopi Snake Dance culture, War Dance, Sun Dance and Ghost Dance. Although the cultural practice was universally binding across all the tribes, there were some practices which were specific and unique to certain specific tribes alone. Over the years that Native Americans have been part of American civilization, there has been a very drastic change in their way of life. The Pueblo in New Mexico however have been active in preserving some measures of traditional heritage through dances, symbols and pictures. This spirit has been encouraged yet even so, the cultural system and heritage of the native Indians in the North America region remains one of the rich pieces of ancient societies.

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Native American Pictures

Native American Pictures Where to Find Them and What They Say About the Culture

For many historians and cultural analysts , if there is a traditional society that has been preserved to this date the native Americans have to be one of the very few. Whilst the current American society is full of foreigners, there are quite a number of red Indians. Native American pictures which to this day have been well preserved can be significant in telling the story of a society that has been written in very many books. The pictures present images and impressions of people rich in practice of believe systems and religious doctrines.

Through the pictures, analyst and curious persons can get invaluable hints as to the way of life led by the red Indians. The question that many people would ask is where you can find some of the best and authentic Native American pictures. In many national archives in different states in the United States there will be a cultural centre for Native Americans. Here it is easy to get good and authentic pictures as well as get resourceful information with regards to the ancient American culture. The good thing with the documentation of the traditional practices, believes and way of life of the red Indians is that its easily available in electronic forms.

However, many historians and cultural analysts would recommend that if in any case you are really interested in getting to see and analyze the Native American pictures, the collections and archives in most of their native lands like New Mexico and Arizona would be the ideal way. If at all you can get pictures, there is a lot you can learn them since many of them are rich in historical facts. Why would you want to see a Native American picture? In this angle its best if you are a student, analyst or cultural enthusiast or even in others a nationalist. Trying to understand and finding out your history is perfectly okay and considering the level of documentation that Native American pictures have received, they are in a better position to help you do that. Many pictures will portray religious symbols, dances and symbols of customs and festivals.

Furthermore, it in this part of the historical evidence that you can deduce information regarding certain elements of the written native American culture that you might not be sure about. The diversity of pictures all over makes it easy for anyone to get them quick and fast. For many people looking at the Native American pictures for purposes of learning and analyzing, you can consider pictures which have quotes and writings on them. However in case you are just into the strong sense of culture and traditional value, you can consider just plain pictures. All the same, which ever approach you choose one thing that is for certain is that these pictures provide a very good platform for analysis and learning in which you can get new insights in studying early native Indians life.

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Native American Symbols

Communication is the most important part of your life. From the way that you relate to the people around you, to the representation of your past, you have to communicate in order to relate to everything around you. The drawings that you see on paper are symbols often symbols relating to whatever you are reading, and even the letters that you use to write are symbols that are used to communicate. Native American symbols are used with the same purpose. They are used to express emotions, cultural beliefs and even to express the dreams of Native American people.


There are many different kinds of Native American symbols and some of them having nothing, or very little, to do with their actual meaning. There are those that are obvious, such as the symbols that are used for the sun and the morning star, and there are those that are used for other aspects of Native American life and culture that are not as obvious. Even though these symbols may not be as obvious to simply look at them, every Native American symbol that is used has a special meaning. Some are used by younger members of the tribe, and some are designated for the elders, but each symbol tells an important story.


Other aspects of Native American life and culture that is often portrayed through symbols include spirits that are held within high esteem for the tribe for one reason or another, and animals that are used to portray different physical aspects of the Native American body and mind. Birds are also used to show the changing seasons and are said to disguise the spirits of elders that have passed on. Although these are the most common Native American symbols, they are far from a complete list of the symbols that are used.


Native American symbols vary from one tribe to the next, but there are many similarities and they usually stay the same through generations of Native Americans. The symbols between tribes may be similar in appearance, but they will have a very specific meaning to each tribal member that uses them. Put together, they will tell a story that might otherwise go untold or eventually be forgotten. From insects to plants to simple patterns that may run as a band, every symbol has its own meaning that is passed down with the traditions and the language that has been their very own for centuries.


Every culture leaves their own unique touch on the world, and Native American symbols and drawings are no different. They are used to relate their feelings and important events, and they tell a story to all of the children that come after them so that our ancestors will always be remembered. Whether it is the birth of a new baby or a mark of courage that is worn proudly for all of the other tribe members to see, Native American symbols are an ancient art that will be around for all of the future generations to use and display.

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Native American Clothing

Native Americans have a rich culture and tradition that passed from one generation to the next. This culture and tradition became a way of life to a great extent and can be seen readily even from the way they dressed.  Native American clothing is actually one of the best examples of how the old tradition has been carried on up to the present by descendants of old Americans natives.


The kinds of clothing worn by Native Americans come in many styles and features.  They have an ingenious way of producing clothing and garments from their surroundings. The style and appearance also differed from how one ranks in the tribe.   Foremost of which is breechcloth which came from deerskin and worn with a belt tied around the waist where the breechcloth is squeezed in front and the other end looped underneath the groin  reaching the back and then squeezed by the same belt with flaps hanging down in front and also at the back.


They also wore leggings aside from breechcloth in order to cover their legs.  The leggings they wore were made of soft leather or buckskin.  As for women, they wore skirts and leggings made of basically the same material as those used by men.  The clothing comes with adornments like beads and bones artfully attached to the garment.  Depending on the rank in the tribe, the clothing can be full of adornments and can come with headdresses made up of eagle feathers indicating the status of being a warrior or a Chieftain.


The fashion and style of Native American clothing differed from one tribe to another.  Though they mostly used the same materials to produce clothing, they nevertheless differed in many respects particularly style.  For most part, they dressed according to the available materials and the need to protect the body from cold especially during winter seasons.  They also dressed to differentiate one from the other as well as to announce status and accomplishments.


But after they were colonized and forced to stay in certain locations like camps, the tribes began to share styles, copied, and applied the tribal fashion of each other.  They also made use of certain European styles and incorporated them to their everyday clothing.  Thus, at the turn of the 19th century, Indian Americans came to be recognized with their use of woolen sweaters, Cherokee dress, beaded shirts, and many others.


Right now, descendants of Native Americans no longer wear the same traditional types of clothing.  But they still maintain the tradition of wearing them on certain occasions to commemorate their culture and tradition.  During festivities, the occasion becomes a colorful and elaborate display of Native American fashion complete with long headdress and skillfully designed garments done the traditional way.


Today, there are a lot of online sources where one can learn more about the tradition and clothing preference of American Natives.  There are also some online sites that specialize in making native American style of clothing and most have available for sale to interested buyers.  If a particular design is not available, they can also make it custom built according to the desire of the customer.

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